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FLIM - Mastering Day

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Good afternoon, Today is Saturday 23, January 2021, I went to bed late again this morning actually not late but I went to bed this morning due to making music. I couldn't go to bed when the music is going good. I am almost finish my 2nd track/song of this year and it is different than what I normally produce. This is more like a song that can be listen to because it is short not the same as my dance music tracks. I am very excited to put this in my album and in fact I will continue to write the ambient and different movement of structures and beats instead of making 4 by 4 beats like what I normally do. I won't write this blogpost for long because I am very excited to do the mastering of the new song. I will keep you guys posted about the process of my second album. I wish you all a wonderful day and have fun at every moment of the day :-) much love, flim #flim #blogpost #flimsmusic #djflim #flimsound #thaidj #techno #album

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