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Hello the world of music

Good morning Everyone,

I miss writing on this blog because I have been on the other platform for my food business and focused on that, then I thought to myself.

I must come back here to write another blog post.

So many things going on in my music life, such as a project of 48 tracks this year that I plan to make, and so far, I have finished two Techno tracks.

So this week, I am working on another track for this label called ' Resilient Recording.'

The music is more challenging and faster, and I am delighted with what I have achieved so far. I can't wait to share my new release with you.

The goal is to have them released with the label I aim for.

This year is Drumcode and Tronic music

My music on the MAETTA label will be free for all, and very soon, I will upload all of them on so you guys can go and grab it.

What a fun time with music during the winter.

I am so excited about what comes after this pandemic ends.

I wish you guys a wonderful day,

Much love to all,

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