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FLIM - Ambient

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Hello Everyone, Good morning, Wednesday 20th, January 202 How are you all doing? I woke up since 03:00AM today and tried to go back to sleep but it didn't work so i decided to get up and start my daily routine with meditation and all of the Miracle morning steps that I have been doing for 5 years Yesterday was a great day because I slept for 9 hours, Sleep is very important for everyone, sometimes when you have problems in your head then problems can vanish in the air because of the good long hour of sleep I am very excited about my LP or Album ( still can't decide whether album or EPs) because I started to write another Ambient track and it lit up so much inspirations in melody and the emotion IT is really difficult not to put the beats in the ambient track especially some kick drum and hi hat so i managed to add some break beat, kick drums in the track, I will try to finish them today, Then I will have 9 tracks total but I will need another 4 to 5 Ambient tracks because my good friend Bryan Jesney told me if i want to release the album, I should at least have 2 ambient tracks in the album, He told me when he was listening to my set on private Soundcloud link all he heard was " Boom Boom Boom 'OK! I get that :-) Thanks to him, sometimes it is best to send music to people that you trust and will give you the honest opinion Another thing I want to tell you, I sent my 7 tracks that to Laurent Garnier and he replied that he really like them, Of course he downloaded all 7 tracks, What a good start of this 2021 creation right? So, my mission are still keep making more and more music until i feel that I can release them, to release my new music as an album or split them in many E.P.s I will see again and that depend on how many Ambient tracks i will finished Making music is my new addiction. I scheduled at least 3 hours per day to be in my living room studio and try to get all of the administrations work done first thing in the morning because it is the best time when I am motivated and it is harder to do them in the afternoon also once i start making music i can't stop and I will not get the admins work done at all The third day now that I've been writing my blog and I am very enjoy doing it. Today I will leave you with my video on Youtube of my previous release : Track name : Paradise Thank you for listening and have a great day much love, flim

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