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FLIM - Happy Day Recording the mix

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Hello Everyone, IT's Flim here Today is Thursday 21st, January 2021, This year so far so good I have received so many good news and I have finished a lot of work in music, My label Maetta, My Thai private chef service. I basically feel very productive and optimistic about the future and what it has in store for my family, my peers and for myself in term of the music So Today I am going to recording the first episode of my radio show that I will be upload on Soundcloud. If I am not mistaken my Soundcloud account has been approved as whitelisting account because my record label Maetta and all of the music release I think it is very challenging for me to promote my music because if you search for me on Google you will not be able to find me as " Flim " and this is another reason that I have to work harder, To make better quality music and to write this blog, Which turned out to be the good things that I am enjoy doing. I have been self employed with my DJ and Producer Career for 5 years now along with my side job private chef to compensate my income so that I can have a lot of time making music and I just realized this year that what my wish became true. Thank you :-) I am very enjoy the process of making music, I am enjoy the process of learning, I am enjoy the process of developing my skills in so many aspects of life Thanks to me! hahahahha SO........... Where am I? I am here sitting in front of my computer writing this blog post so that I can come back to read it in the future and I can share my thoughts and creativity through this blog and practice my writing skill at the same time I will make the best DJ mix and upload it on Soundcloud today and I will make another video of my new song called ' Magic Mind' play live throughout the whole song and post them on Social media I totally can't wait to be back in the DJ booth, To play music in front of the people, And I think this year will happen because the Covid will be gone Things will get better. I am sure of that :-) I wish you guys a great day and i want to leave you guys with one of my music video on Youtube Check it out ( it is my song ;-) ) Flim - FEAR ( Flow of life )

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