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Start writing everyday and Radio station coming soon

Hello Everyone, I hope you guys are doing super well I am going to start writing blog posts every day so I can give some news and let you guys know what is going on about my music + learn how to write better even on the computer, I will do my best to make sure my writing have a correct spelling and grammars ( English is my second language so please be easy on me :-) First of all it is not too late to wish you guys Happy 2021, may this year bring more music and more festivals to all of you :-) good health and happiness all around I have been working hard in the studio and I have finished 8 tracks so far. I will release them as many EPs because the tracks are more for Dance music even when i want to make another album I think it is best to called it L.P. or E.Ps instead of album, or if i add some ambient music, then i can called it album what do you think? Today I will go back to my last track because I listened to it again and i need to make it better instead of keep on with the new one. The good news This week I am starting my radio station but not really a real radio station because it will be more like a Soundcloud mix that I will post on Soundcloud one mix/ episode per month. that way I can discover new music and get excited to make more music because the more i search for new music the more i will get inspired to make more music hahha Please send me the promo if you reading this and you are the producer and what to share the music with me I will listen to everything send them to me at : . Anyway, I am very excited today to go back to make my track better and better and very excited also to search for the new music and I can't wait to share them with you. Thank you for reading my blog and I will write every day start from today I wish you guys a great day and have fun! Much love, Flim PS> i will be post my radio show on my soundcloud, so please follow me to make sure you get the mix update ! #flim #flimsmusic #djflim #musicforlife #radioshow #coming soon #thaiDJ

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