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FLIM - Mix from DJ JACE

My long time friend DJ JACE from Canada always active with music ever since i know him for about 15 years. We first met through our mutual friend Bryan Jesney aka Jesney he is also my best friend on earth.

Bryan Jesney connects us all together when i really looked back in the past memories of Toronto Rave days, that when I met DJ JACE He send his music to me for mastering so we have been working together in the past 5 years and more and more every year. He just did a new mix on his new radio show I would like for you to check them out because he included one of my new track ' Crispy Pad Thai ' in the mix along with ' San Pedro ' a track from Maetta 's artist Monsieur Reve. Here is the link to listen to his show and don't forget to follow DJ Jace's soundcloud and subscribe to my blogpost. About 2 more weeks then my release is out ! I am so excited.

Thank you for reading my blogpost and I wish you guys a great day. Much love. flim #flim#thaidj#flimsmusic#Djjace #newmix #featured #radioshow

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