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FLIM - I had a great full moon meditation

Hello Everyone, The full moon was last Friday, I felt a lot of negative energy and bad feeling during that time because the energy of the moon sometimes thing can get really sensitive. I found a new method for the meditation is dancing with the music meditation which I took from a book called ' super Attractor ' by Garbrielle Bernstein. Great book! Thanks to her but i added the method about dancing to this meditation :-) try it and it is so good. 1. Prepare the meditation space. Open your journal and write out one full page of appreciation.

2. Press play on up lifting song you love and be sure to choose the song that make you smile and feel good.

3. Sit in meditation while listening to that song and let the mind wander to more and more appreciation and allow the positive flow running through while smiling

4. Ride the good feeling momentum and vibration

5. When the song end come out of your meditation and pick up your journal and start writing again and let the pen flow, continue to write about more appreciation until you feel complete.

6. Smile and enjoy the high of the vibration

( do this any time you feel bad or feel good this is the remedy to the bad feeling and all negativity I hope you had fun with this and I am sure you feel good about it. Today at the end of the day my first EP of 2021 will be on Pre- Order at Beatport so stay tuned for the post about it on all social media platforms. Love ya all and have a great day! Flim #meditation #fullmoon #flimsmusic #positiveenergy #superattractor #lifeisgood #thaiDJ #flimDJ #technotechno

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