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FLIM - Album from Summitt Rouss ' Independently Actualized Creative Art Project '

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Maetta released first album of 2021 from Canadian producer Summitt Rouss Hello Everyone, Other than the Flim Frequency Radio update i wrote yesterday today is about artist on Maetta Today is Tuesday 19th of January 2021, I hope everyone are doing super well. It has been a while that I promote my label Maetta, And during this difficult times there is not much going on in dance music industry because there is no dance floor at the moment The good news is there are many of us music producer/DJ stay at home and doing the live show via Twitch streaming service and Facebook live to entertain the fans and themselves and also many producer/DJ have written so many music and releasing a lot of E.P.s I have received lots of promos from many labels and they are really good. A lot of music going around on the internet at the moment I think this is the good time to be creative and really think outside the box for music creations I would like to let you know about the album that was just released on the 1st of January,2021 ( This is not my album, but it is the album from Summitt Rouss from Canada ) Take you to the journey of Electro sound Listen on Spotify : Beatport : ' Independently Actualized Creative Art Project ' is a master piece album, The sound of Electro Synth Techno with the dissonance structure and sound throughout the whole album which give us the great listening pleasure from beginning till the end. Check him out on Spotify and don't forget to follow Summitt to support his art project. Best track: YO YO YO and we also like ' Burn it Down' Follow Summitt: Flex Rock / Summitt Rouss Thank you for checking out the music and see you very soon

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