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FLIM - Latest release got featured again on Hype and great memory from REF 2019

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

I am so happy that latest release ' Dark Alley' got featured front page on HYPE section this release is a collaboration with DJ Jace with a remix from Benny Knox This release will be available on all online stores in about one week. I am working on getting my latest demo to DIYNAMIC and TRONIC Hope fully they get back to me very soon here is the photo from REF 2019,

where i meet Marco Faraone, Giorgia anguilli , Enrico and many great people from this festival. I am looking forward to the next gigs too. Bocado Beach in Golfe Juan and hopefully when everything back to normal we get to do many more parties in the south of France. Perhaps travel to Berlin this year , Anything can happen Much love, Flim #ThaiDreadlockDJFlim

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