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FLIM - Last releases before the end of 2020

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Hello Everyone, This year has been an amazing crazy year for me, And here are one of my latest the release before the end of this crazy year! the first one is ' Flow of Life' with 4 tracks ' Fear ' is the main track in this EP, the track talking about the Virus in a way of Fear, You can check them out on Beatport for DJs and listen to the full track on my Youtube Youtube Beatport I wish you guys a great holiday season in advance and I will be back for more blog post as I don't really know what else to add in this post other than just let you know about this release Let's hope the Corona will be gone real soon so i can throw more parties While I am waiting for my DJ gigs , i have been making so many good tunes, and at the end I think i will release them as an Album. and it will be my second album thank you for reading and support my music and i will see you very soon. much love, flim Keywords ( so people can find me because my name on google can bring you to indian movie LOL ) #djflim #thaidj #handsomedreadlockdj #maettarecords #fun #lifeisgood #techno #electro #whatever

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