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FLIM - The Time Is Now

Today is Thursday 28th, January 2021 what am I waiting for? Hello Everyone, How are you all doing today? I always hope you guys are doing well just like me. I had a good sleep last night about 7 hours, That is the best sleep I can get and I wish I could get to sleep for 8 hours because sleep is very important, I am more creative and I have a clear mind. So that was about the sleep and it will lead me to the best creativity today. I went to see my friend Morgane in Antibes yesterday and we did some kind of Tarot cards fortune teller type of activity. I picked 2 cards and It is about my music and one of them said that I should do it now, that's mean I should not wait to release my album any longer because I had planned to release them when the Covid is over, The cards said the time is now so I will finish this album by the end of February 2021. I started my 4th track of January last night and it turned out very nice. The track is 122 BPM and it sounded like a downtempo track with the melody and beautiful chords, I am very excited to get it done and start writing another 4 downtempo track so I will have 6 downtempo songs that is not 4 by 4 beats and this is interesting for the album. Let's have the best productive day today and the time is now. I will be posting my progress about this second album and I have to find the name for this album too. But that will come in times. Thank you for read my blogpost of the day Have a great day to all, Flim And in this Blogpost I am including my first album ' Positive Imagination ' Check it out on Youtube

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