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FLIM - The Natural

Hello Everyone, It has been a few days that I didn't come here to write my Blogpost, I have been focusing on cooking my Thai food take-away business ( During the covid plandamic no DJ gigs ;-) ) The good news is I am almost finish my album and I also have another EP coming out which will be the first EP of 2021 And for those that read my blog on the regular basis Here where the secret link. You can download my new release before anyone Just follow this link to my new release : There you go! This release will be out on March 8th on Spotify and Beatport and then after that 2 weeks will be out on all of the online music platforms Thank you for reading my blogpost and hope to see you guys very soon on the dance floor. Much Love, Flim #flim#thaidj#flimsmusic#djflim#crispypadthai#newrelease#techno#Promo .

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