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FLIM - The Magic of always making it better

Wednesday 27th January, 2021 Hello Everyone, I hope you are doing great, It is Wednesday now, I am feeling great and productive. I set a goal to get 4 tracks done this month and I have done 3 tracks so far and I still have about 4 days left to finish another track. This is very good

because I thought I wasn't going to reach my goal this month and I was far behind the dateline as I only finished 2 tracks as of Monday but the magic happened! The magic that I am talking about is like this. when I went back to my previous track and tried to edit some part that doesn't goes well I found another track and I keep on with the new one then I ended up finished another good track within 3 hours, All of it because I want to make things better. I always ask myself ' Is this can be better? ' This help me found another gem. If I wasn't going back to edit my previous track because I think I can release it like that and It is good enough I will never find this new gem. Thanks to me for thinking about that. Today I will give myself half a day off after writing this blog I will go out to meet my friend and then I will start writing my 4th track tonight and I will get it done before the 31st of January. I wish you guys a great day, Much love, flim

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