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FLIM - Thai Kitchen

Saturday 6th, February 2021

I have been cooking a lot lately, As some of you already know that I am running a Thai cooking business called ' Flim's Thai Kitchen ' During this time I won't be able to DJ at all and I don't know when we can go back to DJ and dance together again so I am focus on my take-away business in Cannes. For now it is small for a group of 10 - 15 people and maybe in the future I will expand it like a proper take-away so that people can order online and choose their own menu. Life is good Here are some photo from yesterday take-away, I called it ' Spicy Techno Take-Away' I wish you guys a great day and for more information about my Thai cooking you can go to my website Facebook : and can't for get IG :

I will be back in my living room studio this week to finish the first song of February though . Have a good day Everyone, Take care and be safe, Flim #FLIM#djflim#flimdj#Thaidj#blog#Techno#story #cooking #mixing #flimsthaikitchen

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