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FLIM - Rak Tur new Youtube song

Hello Everyone, Today is Monday 25th, January 2021. It is a good start of the week. It is Monday and the best day, productive day for me and many people. I hope you guys are doing super well. Today I have a new song that I just posted on Youtube and this song is a love song. It is a song that I wrote about love for my daughter. I recorded my daughter's voice and added in Ableton live the software that I am using to make music, I started to write this track with my Korg Minilouge XD synthesizer by adding a few key melody and planned to have just the ambient sound but I ended up build the sound from the main melody and that lead me to add the break beat to the song. This is the new direction of producing music for me. I am getting a bit bored with making 4 by 4 beats dance music because after a while I ended up using the same pattern of sound and same structure over and over again. This is something fresh and exciting for me so I decided to keep on continue writing more tracks or songs to put together as an album. I will start to write 4 by 4 dance track again once I finished this album. For now this is a great new direction and I am enjoying the process of making something like this. Anyway, I will leave you with this song and thank you very much for listening and don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel. Hopefully soon I will get find on Google more easily as my name " Flim " is not unique enough to lead the search engine point to my website but with the help by clicking subscribe and like or read my blogpost will help me with this process. I can't wait to share every tracks in my album with you but I must wait until I finished them all and really pick the tracks that will go together as an album before i release them I wish you guys an amazing day and see you soon. Much love, flim #FLIM #djflim #flimdj #Thaidj #dreadlock DJ #newsong #new release

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