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FLIM - Look Back - Agents Of Time

Today is Tuesday 26th of January, 2021. How is it going Everyone? I Hope you guys are doing great. It start to look like we will be in the lock down for the third time in France. I am a bit disappointed but that's OK because I will spend the time inside making music and create so many contents, It is the best time for creation actually. I think the only way to survive this lock down and the Covid crisis is to be creative and think outside the box. I will be finish my album for sure and this time will be my second album of my life, YEE HAA. I am planing to make one album per year so that when I leave this earth I will leave many of my music on the internet for people to discover. Today I was working on the search engine as some of you already know about my name is not showing up on Google so I start to search again and I found this event page from the big music venue Palais Nikaia in NICE, France, I performed there with the Agents Of Time. It is very cool to found the article on the internet that have my name listed plus Agent Of Time are cool dudes. I will keep finding them more and more and eventually It will be on the top of the Google search engine. Anyway, I hope you guys are doing well and keeping well. I will start making music now because It is almost the afternoon. Let's go See you tomorrow Much love , Flim #FLIM#djflim#flimdj#Thaidj#dreadlock DJ

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