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FLIM - La Box and Vertigo

Monday 8th, February 2021 Good morning, I hope you all had a great weekend, I sure did a lot of cooking and not so much on my music as i set a goal to get one track done for the first week of this month but that's ok I will get them done either tonight or tomorrow. Another downtempo track and then I will be back to make the 4 by 4 beat for DJ the next step. I had a great time lately, work perfect amount and play perfect amount and sleep well. The memory from 2 years ago in Antibes popped up on my Facebook feed the other day so I downloaded the photo and post them on my blogpost today That night was a cold night during mid February of 2019. Jim and I arrived at La box the club in Antibes, That club shutdown about 1 year ago, The club was packed and the vibe was really exciting, Julien from the Vertigo the promoter that booked me to play that night greeted us at the front door of the club and we walked to the DJ booth unpacked my Dj bag and get ready to go on. MAX the resident DJ of Vertigo were on the deck playing soulful melodic Techno get the people warming up very nicely I started my set at around 02:00 AM with some of the soft beginning track that i couldn't remember what it called, Then I builded up to Tech-House and then to Techno finally during the middle till the end, I played for about 3 hours and the club was still packed. The vibes that night was very cool for those that have been there must have been feeling the same vibes as I did.

I met so many people that night in the South Of France, Where I began to DJ throughout the region and started with Vertigo, I would like to thanks Julien from Vertigo for the booking and introduced me to the very awesome crowds

See you next time and hopefully very soon :-) much love flim #FLIM#djflim#flimdj#Thaidj#blog#Techno#story#mixing

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