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FLIM - Happy Belated Birthday Laurent Garnier

Wednesday 3rd, February 2021 Laurent Garnier's birthday was on February 1st

Today on my Blogpost I will talk about two friends Laurent Garnier and Scan X aka Stephane Dri, First I met both of them at the same time in France at an after party in Cannes just right after their show ' LBS at the Palais de festival in 2011, I had a chat with both of them in the club with many people and then I saw them again in Montreal, Canada 2 years after The cool thing about this is I've met both of them before and they both didn't remember me so I thought it could be because of the traveling and many tours that they have done. Back then Laurent is touring as L.B.S. with Scan X Stephane Dri and Benjamin Rippert for their live show

Laurent still didn't remember me when i went to cook for him at his house hahahahha This is very cool because after that we get to know each other more in is kitchen because I am also a Thai Private Chef and I run my business in the south of France, and I hope to be cooking with him again. Also Scan X , Stephane who always come down the the south of France during NYE to play at his gigs. I often invited him to eat with me before the gigs. Happy Birthday Laurent Garnier and Happy to meet y

ou Stephane SCAN X. The 2 friends that I became friend with in France made France feel like home and I am looking forward for this Covid to be over so we can get to see each other again as I know Laurent is cooking at the moment and Scan x still wait to eat my cooking because last time at he missed the train to come back on time for the dinner party. This is the story of how i met Stephane and Laurent

Happy Birthday Laurent Garnier and see you soon. It as been about 8 days of writing a blogpost I am loving it and please bear with me because English is my secound language I wish you guys a great day and see you soon much love, flim #FLIM#djflim#flimdj#Thaidj#blog#Techno#story #laurent Garnier #SCANX

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