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FLIM Frequency SPACE TRAVEL Season 1 Episode 1

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Hello Everyone, Welcome to my blogpost of 22, January 2021. I hope you guys are doing super well :-) Today I am launching my radio show Flim Frequency I will be running the show at least once a month and the show will be posted on my Soundcloud, Youtbe, Mixcoud, Website and Maetta Records website: ( link listed below this post ) I am very happy and grateful to start this journey, This mix/show /radio or whatever you want to called it, It is what I am enjoying and they are the music that I am discovering at the moment Some of the tracks might be old but they are still new to me, I started my first EP with my track ' Beautiful Jim' Part of my new album that will be release when Corona Virus situation has vanished Another track is about the Thai Mantra ' Satu ' third track in this mix I am looking forward to make more show and now already searching for new music that i enjoy Whether it is Techno or House or Ambient, I will play it because i feel it. I am very glad not to be a DJ that play only one style of Electronic music, I like my music with a lot of spices and curry sauce hahha. And if you have music you want to send to me please do so, my email is Thank you so much for read my blogpost and see you very soon. Have a good day Everyone Listen on Soundcloud : Listen on Mixcloud : 'Space Travel' Track Listing 1. FLIM - Beautiful Jim - ( Unreleased ) 2. Yotto - Another Riff For The Good Times- (Extended Mix) - Anjunadeep 3. FLIM - Satu - ( Unreleased ) 4. Lopezhouse Tannhausser (AFFKT Remix) - Sincopat 5. Herzog & Aurich - Stranded Spaceman (Original Mix) - Sincopat 6. John Summit - Beauty Sleep (Extended)- Repopulate Mars 7. Dennis Cruz - Get Them Up (Original Mix) - MUSE 8. Jansons, Liz Cass - Less Ordinary (Deep Mix) - Classic Music Company 9. INVŌKER (FR) - 1999 (Original Mix)- TAU 10. Massano - The Feeling (Original Mix) - Running Clouds 11. Summitt Rouss - Yo Yo Yo (Toronto to Chicago Mix) - Maetta 12. Layton Giordani - New Generation (Original Mix) - Drumcode 13. Space 92 - Phobos (Original Mix) - Perfekt Groove Recordings 14. Nakadia - Positive Energy (Metodi Hristov Remix) - Set About Youtube :

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