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FLIM - Crispy Pad Thai - 16/03/21

This is going to be a fun EP because I am making the videos for all 3 tracks in this EP. ' The Natural ' is the name of this EP, Start with the first track ' Crispy Pad Thai' I made this track when I was cooking my Pad Thai at home and i forgot the wok on the stove because the loop is going very good and I felt the great vibes that came out of this groove to the point of no return in the kitchen. then i have found my Crispy Pad Thai.

Here is the teaser vvideo and the other 2 videos are in the making and will be post during the week of the release Release date March 1st, 2021 Pre-Order on Beatport March 8th, 2021 Exclusive on Beatport and Spotify March 22nd, 2021 Official release date on all of online music platforms - Apple Music, Deezer, ETC (No band camp yet! but soon hopefully) Thank you for checking it out and stay tuned for more videos of other 2 tracks Get up! Let's party! Much love, flim

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