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FLIM - Back from the Full Moon Land

Monday 1st, February 2021 I didn't write my Blogpost for 2 days and I feel like I am not responsible enough hahaha. But I am back, I am so excited to start a new track/song today as I set a goal for 4 songs per month. I have 11 songs now but I need more so I can pick some for the album and some for the EPs. This month will be another month of the productivity because we might be in the lock down once again for the third time ( I have written a track name ' Third Times ' also and this is coincident :-) This is very strangest time indeed but I know that we will get through it. Another thing we must remember is nothing remain forever, things will always change and evolves and the key to this is adaptation. And this is the month that I will be making another mix for my radio show that will be features on Soundcloud, Mixcloud and Youtube. And here is the link of the my 1st show on Mixcloud ( Always something attached in my blogpost for you :-) ) Please check it out

I want to write more but It is 11:49AM now so I better hurry up! Invited 2 friends for lunch too so I better get my productivity going now. Thank you for visiting and read my blogpost . I wish everyone the best day and have fun. Much love, flim #FLIM#djflim#flimdj#Thaidj #blog #Techno #story

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