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FLIM - Art of making decision and compromise

Tuesday 9th of February 2021 What a productive day today indeed!

I have been doing the mastering all day for DJ Jace's new Hip-Hop tracks. Dj Jace is a good friend of mine and he often sent his music for me to master. I love mastering, Mastering is the art of making important decision and compromise with all of the elements in music. It take a lot of patience and the risk to take action lead to certain sound and never be perfect. but it will leave you with results which is good quality masters and mediocre or bad masters and that depends largely on the mix down from the artists and the mixing engineers. Good mix down always give the good result and bad mix down will give the bad result so 95 % of the work is coming from the artists and mixing engineer and only 5 % of work is for the mastering. I am doing all of the mastering for my own music and do the mastering for my friends too even today we have online mastering service on the internet but nothing beats the good intention and care for the sound as much as the hands of the humans. I still didn't get to work on my new track yet because the mastering work, But that's ok, I stop worried about all of the dateline and just have fun instead. Anyway, It has been a long day and I am very happy with the results. Time to eat and then go to bed because tomorrow is another great day waiting for me. Much love flim, #Djflim #flim #mastering #flimdj #thaidj

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