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FLIM - Experimenting Mushroom

Sunday, 24th of January, 2021 Hello Guys, I am writing this post on Monday 25th, of January 2021 because yesterday was my day off. I gave myself a real day off and

I won't miss writing my blogpost of the day which is the one for yesterday. So, I am here in front of my computer writing about the experience of yesterday. Yesterday, I took some magic mushroom and reset my mind. It is really does reset my mind and i went on tour, on a trip of many wonderful journeys. I won't recommended taking mushroom to anyone, but If you would like to try, why not? hahahah. It was a great trip, I thought about many creativity and my family and life in general in the positive way. This is the tough time for many people on earth because we are living under the pandemic situation that is so complex and complicated to understand what is really going on because of the mixed information about the Covid - 19. I personally think It is real but It is also some sort of controlling the people in every each country for certain missions that the government of that country are using fears of the virus to create some kind of scarcity and financial crisis more than the health crisis But that just what I feel, It could be the confirmation bias but this is the way I feel and I don't want to believe anything could be the real truth because the virus and the pandemic still new and we need more time to really know what is going on. We need more proof, But we have some proof from science about the virus but it is still not clear where it is coming from and about the vaccine also that we still don't know if It is going to protect us or harm us in any ways. Anyway, I wish everybody that are suffering find their ways to the happiness and feel less suffering. I am happy in any situation I think because of my positive thinking and my practice of meditation that help me to have the clear mind because i think this is the foundation of being happy. I wish you all a great day, I will move on to the next blogpost to write more about the music. Good day and good news to all. Much love, Flim #FLIM #djflim #Flimsmusic #thaidj #blogpost

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