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Hospitality Rider 

  • a fan 

  • a clean towel with ice in bucket 

  • drinks ( During the DJ Set ) 
    : 6 cold beers during the DJ set Heineken, Corona 
    2 small bottle of water , 1 Banana , A glass of white wine.

Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 1.55_edited.jpg


-The promoter is committed to ensure the following equipment:
3x CDJ 2000 or CDJ 3000 

CDJ must be connect to the mixer Chanel 2, 3 and 4
( First CDJ from the left connect to channel 2 and link with second CDJ connect to Channel 3)
( Third CDJ connected to channel 4 )

-Pioneer DJM 900 mixer

-2x high quality monitor speakers ( right & left + with adjustable volume on the DJ mixer The monitors should never be on the same table as CD-Players to avoid vibrations)

-1x engineer, taking care of the PA

- Small led light at the mixer for the excellent visibility of the EQ knob when mixing.

- Small red light facing FL!M face from the side for the excellent visibility from the dance floor

- You can download FL!M Visual
for the screen play and VJ  at

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